What are the worst natural disasters in history?



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    A list of the top 10:

    1. Galveston, TX: hurricane.  Estimated death toll (EDT): 8,000.  Sept. 1900
    2. San Francisco, CA: earthquake.  EDT: 3400+.  1906
    3. Lake Okeechobee, FL: hurricane. EDT: 2500+. Sept. 1928
    4. Johnstown, PA: flood.  EDT: 2209+. May 1889
    5. Chenier Caminanda, LA: hurricane. EDT: 2000+. Oct. 1893
    6. Sea Islands (NC & GA): hurricane. EDT: 1000-2000. Aug 1893
    7. New Orleans, LA: hurricane. EDT: 1836+. Aug 2005
    8. Long Island, NY & Connecticut: hurricane.  EDT: 720. 1938
    9. Georgia & South Carolina: hurricane. EDT: 700. 1881
    10. Missouri, Illinois & Indiana: tornado.  EDT: 695. 1925
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    The, “Tungusta event” was one of the worst natural disasters in terms of destructive potential and not death toll.  The tungusta event was an asteroid that impacted the Siberian tundra in 1908.  The asteroid burned and flattened thousands of square kilometers of trees.  If this event had happened in an urban area the death toll would have been in the hundreds of thousands back in 1908.  Today it would have been in the millions.  The effects on the forest are still observable today.

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