What are the worst kinds of flea collars?



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    I have pets, and the veterinarian has always told me that any flea collar that you purchase will be ineffective. Fleas are immune to flea collars and they will inhabit a pet’s skin and coat whether the flea collar was already in place or if it was added to rid the pet of fleas.

    Depending on where you live or even what kind of cat or dog you have, fleas may not even be an issue. However, if you find fleas on your pet, it is very important that you see a veterinarian to first rid the pet of fleas and then begin a regular prescription flea treatment regimen to keep them away.

    You can refer to the link below for more information, but a vet’s office is probably your best bet for the most accurate information, especially if you want information on how to keep your pets flea-free naturally.

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