What are the worst chemicals in laundry detergent?



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    The mixture of chemicals that make the nice fragrances that detergents have or the “whiter-then-white” that can lead to different health problems. Some problems that the chemical cocktail can lead to are hormone disruption and liver damage. Phthalates, which makes the fragrance last has been linked to hormone disruption, birth defects, kidney damage, liver damage and testicular damage. Consumers do not know about these artificial masks (scents chemicals) and phthalates because they are not listed on the labels making them hard to avoid. Some detergents also contain alkylphenols that can affect fertility, damage the immune system and increase the likelihood of genetic abnormalities during pregnancy.

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    Typical laundry detergent has quite a few harmful chemicals.  Here is a few: Linear alkyl sodium sulfates (LAS) are chemicals found within laundry detergents that release carcinogens during production and also biodegrade very slowly.  Petroleum distillates are found in laundry detergents and are linked to cancer, lung damage, and lung inflimation.  Phosphates are also used in laundry detergents that when released into water systems can seriously disrupt aquatic habitats.  Various other harmful chemicals exist, but these are among the worst.

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