What are wolf fish?



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    The wolffish, or the Atlantic Sea Wolf, is a large marine fish that is unfortunately suffering from overfishing and as a result has been listed as a “Species of Concern” by NOAA.  The largest recorded wolffish weighed 40 pounds!  They are scary-looking but not particularly dangerous.  They get their name from their wolfy-looking sharp teeth.  They are benthic, meaning they live on the sea floor, and use their teeth to eat crustaceans and molluscs.

     Here are some fun pictures:





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    Wolffish are the largest of the blennies, long eel-like fish that have been known to roam the waters since prehistory. Depending on the type of wolffish, they can live in tropical or Arctic waters.



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    The wolf fish is the largest of the wolffish family Anarhichadidae. Despite their large size, the wolffish retains the bodily form and general external characteristics of small blennies. The largest specimen recorded measured almost 5 feet long and weighed almost 40 pounds. The distinguishing feature of this fish is the extensive teeth structure which distinguishes it from all other members within its family. They inhabit both the West and East coasts of the Atlantic and have been seen as far north as the Davis Strait. Wolffish diet consists of hardshell mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms. 

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    Not the most appealing fish but definitely unique. I hope I never cross one because this teeth look ferocious!

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    Here is a photo of a man who has captured the eerie fish:

    The citation mentions exploits spearfishing in Norway involving the Wolffish, amongst other many sea creatures.

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    Wolf fish are also known to suddenly attack anything, even biting through wood with its teeth. This is why Cod Fishermen use extreme caution when handling wolf fish.

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    The Wolf Fish is the largest fish within the Blennie suborder.  The cold arctic fish is descended from a 50 million year old ancestral line, is dark skinned, and swallows its prey whole.

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