What are wild life officers?



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    Wildlife officers work to protect and learn about wildlife.  Positions that fit under the title wildlife officer range from enforcing wildlife laws (for example working with hunters and/or responding to poaching reports), to working in fisheries, to observing and studying wildlife, to educating others about wildlife.

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    According to the Federal Wildlife Officers Association, Wildlife officers are tasked with “protection of wildlife and the enforcement of federal wildlife law”. The position falls within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s purview, and wildlife officers are therefore federal employees.  Some specific tasks of wildlife officers include enforcing their state’s hunting and fishing laws, fining offenders and confiscating any illegally killed animals.

    Wildlife officers are also tasked with disseminating information to the public on a variety of wildlife topics, including conservation efforts. Wildlife officers many also conduct research on the wilderness populations.  For more information, see the links below.

    protection of wildlife, the  enforcement  of federal wildlife law, the fostering of  cooperation and communication among federal wildlife officers, and the perpetuation, enhancement and defense of the wildlife enforcement profession
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