What are products that we use every day that are bad for the environment?



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    One of the heaviest impacts on the environment may not be a specific product but the way all products we use daily are packaged. Packaging makes up a full third of all municipal waste in the nation. In an age of convenience products are often packaged in “snack size” or single use, sometimes with several layers of packaging that then ends up in landfills. One of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint–and save some money to boot–is to buy food in bulk whenever possible.

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    Just off the top of my head:
    -paper coffee cups
    -plastic silverware
    -chemical cleaning products
    -PLASTIC BAGS (at the grocery store)
    -plastic bottles/cans

    On the “everyday” level, you can determine whether or not you are being eco-friendly by examining everything you do and deciding if there’s a greener way that’s feasible for you to adopt. Do you drink coffee in disposable cups? Do you pack your sandwiches in plastic baggies (or worse, do you regularly eat out and get all kids of extra napkins, bags and plastic silverware)? Is your dishsoap tested on animals?

    It can be a really nitpicking process…

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