What are we going to have to do to have a fossil fuel free future?



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    There are a few major achievements we need to accomplish in order to move towards a fossil fuel free future. The first is to lessen the amount of energy we use through more efficient vehicles and buildings. Secondly, we need to make renewable energy more cost competitive by ending subsidies for fossil fuels. In addition, to further move away from fossil fuels we need to support legislation proposing carbon caps. We also need more investment in renewable energy sources and a smart grid. Finally, we need support and approval from individuals to make all the strategies work.

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    Although this question could be answered in a myriad of different ways, I’m going to report an answer consisting of a 5-step general movement program written by a Gaiam Life writer. First, we need to recognize that the world’s oil reserves are a limited resource and will eventually run out. Subsequently, we’re going to need to switch to alternative fuel sources. We should use more hybrid and electric vehicles, which are about twice as efficient as regular cars. We need to continue researching and developing hydrogen cells and find ways to generate hydrogen more efficiently. Lastly, we need to support carbon offset programs to learn new ways to reduce our carbon footprints.

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