What are we doing to try and lessen our impact on the environment?



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    Saving energy is one way to lessen our impact on the environment.  By using less electricity, gas, or other types of energy, that means that companies have to spend less on power.  By using less power, your carbon footprint becomes smaller because less CO2 is produced through your needs.  However, there are also many other ways to lessen your impact on the environment.  It all depends on what you want to actually reduce.

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    I think an important way to help lesson our impact on the environment is by eating less (or no) meat. According to goveg.com, if every American skipped one chicken meal per week and replaced it with a meal of vegetables and grains it would be equal to taking a half a million cars off the road. The production of meat uses valuable land, requires a lot of grain to be grown, causes deforestation, wastes water, results in pesticide, fungicide and pesticide use, results in the wide spread use of hormones and subsequent environmental build up of them,  and results in the release of methane from the cows. 

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