What are we doing to try and get rid of non native species of plants?



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    First of all, there’s basic prevention, in which you make sure that when in an area with an invasive non-native species, you don’t bring any seeds with you into non-infested areas. Otherwise, there’s all sorts of methods, like herbicide, burning, and good old fashioned hand weeding. Just make sure you get the roots.

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    In some cases, insects are introduced that will eat the invading plants and their seeds. In the case of purple loosestrife, which first invaded American wetlands in the 1800s, the introduction of a non-native beetle is showing some potential. 

    Education is also important. Informed people can help identify non native species, report their location, and assist in the continuing battle.


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    In the Florida Everglades, groups of volunteers are actually picking invasive plants that have endangered native species.  This effort is tremendous because of the thousands of acres affected by nonnative plants.  It is slow, but researchers are seeing recovery in areas that have been purged.

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