What are we doing to try and get rid of coal ash?



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    Coal ash is a hard thing to get rid of. To be honest, the best way to reduce coal ash/keep the amounts from rising is to lower how much coal we use! The best way to deal with it is to treat it as toxic waste, regulated heavily by the EPA. Coal ash is toxic, awful sludge; there is basically nothing redeemable about it, and nothing to redeem from it!

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    There is a mounting industry for recycled coal ash (fly ash) use in roadway construction.  Spent coal ash is used in the aggregate mixture of concrete to strengthen and extend the life of the of construction projects, sometimes extending the life by decades.  Recycling the coal ash actually reduces emissions from the concrete mixing and creation process by eliminating the kilning of a material and thus eliminating the production of CO2 associated, it also greatly reduces the amount of water needed for the concrete mixture.

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