What are we doing to save panda bears?



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    In China, there are currently 40 giant panda reserves. Giant pandas are considered national treasures in China and received the highest level of legal protection for animals. About half of the wild panda population is protected by these reserves.

    In 1998, the Chinese government also declared a ban on logging to help restore the panda’s habitat. The conservation efforts in China are also contributed to by WWF. Attempts are also being made with breeding pandas in captivity, though this has a low success rate. For more, visit the link below.

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    see also numerous previous answers:

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    There are a number of nonprofits who have made conservation of panda bear habitats and saving the species a huge priority. World Wildlife Fund and Pandas International are two of the leading nonprofits. Both groups are working with China to preserve the habitats of pandas, and as elifitz said, there are a number of reserves and other initiatives being taken by the Chinese government in conjunction with other groups. 

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