What are we doing to protect the water sources that we have in America?



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    We are doing many things to try to keep our water sources clean. We have regulations about how close people can built to rivers and lakes to there is not a lot of run off. We regulate the use of pesticides so they too do not run into the waterways in excess amounts. We have regulations for clean motors on boats and other vehicles used in lakes for recreation.


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    I’m from Toledo, Ohio, which sits on Lake Erie, which as you probably know is the grossest lake in the country.  Factories, power plants, and refineries have been dumping stuff into it for years.  There are now many organizations dedicated to keeping the great lakes clean (which is being considered by some as the new cancer alley) 

    Below is a link that shows many of the organizations around.

    i also have a link to a facebook group called Keep Lake Erie Clean, join it and spread the word! 


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    A key way to protect and safeguard water resources is to focus on conserving them.  An example is using potable reuse (indirect and direct) to provide potable drinking water for areas with poor irrigation and naturally limited aquifers, such as in Southern California and many parts of the Southwest.  By recycling, cleaning, and reusing greywater and wastewater, this prevents water from having to be imported and prevents placing a further burden on already strained natural resources of water such as rivers, mountain snowpacks, and groundwater sources.  

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