What are we doing to keep cell phones out of landfills?



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    The EPA has launched a program to make people more aware of how to recycle their cell phones instead of just throwing them away. According to the EPA, only 10% of people who dispose of cell phones recycle them. By making people aware that recycling a cell phone is as easy as taking it to pretty much any big box store or phone retailer, it will be easier to keep phones out of landfills.

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    Perhaps there is not enough awareness about e-waste recycling programs, but the U.S. Postal Service has a free e-waste recycling program in which no postage is required for you to send your electronic waste to be recycled.

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    My favorite programs are the ones that donate used cell phones to senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, or other people who have a particular need. Some cell phone companies include a free pre-paid mailer with new phone shipments that you can use to donate your old phone.

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