What are we doing to help with the proper disposal of CFL’s?



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    Anyone who uses a compact flourescent bulb is advised to dispose of them in local recycling centers. The Environmental Protection Agency is collaborating with CFL manufacturers as well as major U.S. retailers to expand recycling and disposal options.

    Those who use CFL’s can contact their local municipal solid waste agency directly, or go to


    http://www.epa.gov/bulbrecycling or http://www.earth911.org


    to become familiar with local recycling options. 

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    The EPA estimates recycling rates of fluorescent lamps at only 20 to 25 percent, leaving the majority to be placed in dumpsters and eventually end up in landfills—where they may emit hazardous mercury vapor into the environment. The consumer recycling rate has been estimated to be even lower—possibly at less than 2 percent.

    Mercury-containing waste that isn’t properly recycled poses a serious environmental and health concern. It is important to encourage recycling of mercury-containing products, such as CFLs. However, there is still much work to be done. Safe recycling facilities exist, but should be encouraged by new rules and regulations. New legislation should also ensure that used fluorescent lamps are packaged in configurations proven to effectively contain mercury vapor emitted from broken lamps. Read more here: http://vaporlok.blogspot.com/2010/07/additional-state-regulations.html

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