What are we doing in America to try and reduce our plastic waste?



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    There are ten different ways listed here:

    1. Tax plastic bags

    2. Ban the bags outright

    3. Ban other plastics, like bottles

    4. Sell products without packaging

    5. Try take-out, without

    6. Wastefree lunches

    7. Use packaging that can be used again

    8. Turn existing plastic waste into something useful, like art

    9. Or turn it into something practical, like fue

    10. Or turn plastic waste into a road

    These are all different ways that Americans can reduce their plastic waste. For details on each one, check the website. 


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    To decrease the plastic that makes it to landfills, we can increase the types accepted for recycling.  Most neighborhoods only accept plastic #1 and 2, but there are at least 7 different types of plastics.  If more cities had facilities that accepted all types of plastics we could greatly reduce the volume of plastic that makes its way to landfills each year.

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    Really the way to reduce plastic waste in America is not by doing something federally mandated throughout the country.  It is only going to happen by individuals wising up and taking responsibility. I say this all the time, but thats because it is still totally relevant.

    Reduce (if you don’t need something don’t get it.  Thats waste right there)

    Reuse (try to get glass, or reusable plastic containers and stuff) 

    Recycle (if you really have no use for keeping your plastic try to recycle it) 

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