What are the ways by which gas flaring could be stopped or minimised?



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    This looks at the reduction of gas flaring in detail.

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    One way to reduce gas flaring are for those responsible for monitoring these flares to become aware of the negative impact these flares are having on the environment. Awareness spreads change. Having these companies become concerned about these issues will lead to large amounts of change and that is really what we need the most of. With change comes more efficient and greener ways to achieve greater goals. It really is half the battle.

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    It’s hard to totally stop the gas flaring,  since it’s a safe way of  disposing of excess  natural gas to  relieve the pressure in oil production. The most common method of reducing gas flaring for  oil companies  is creating demand and  finding  market for gas so that it’s not burned for nothing. They also invest in R&D to find another way to relieve pressure without burning it.

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