What are the ways that nature acts to oppose global warming?



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    Yes, many effects of global warming will be mitigated by other effects. A good example is Arctic melting, when the ice gets thinner it makes it easier for the ocean to lose heat, which encourages more ice grow. This positive feedback loop will guarantee some winter freezing in the Arctic, no matter what warming. The Antarctic is the world’s largest heat sink, and it’s temperature has remained consistent for about the past 50 years. Another positive feedback loop is cloud formation, which is poorly understood. What is known is that clouds have very high albedo, and higher albedo means more solar radiation reflected and a cooler earth. We also know that particulates in the air, like soot and other industrial output, form cloud nuclei which encourages cloud formation. So it is possible to say that more industrial output, which warms the earth, also creates more clouds, which cool the earth.

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    Trees naturally collect and store CO2 from the air, so the more trees we have, the better nature can counteract the greenhouse effect of the gas. (And, of course, the more forests we destroy, the harder it is for nature to absorb carbon from the air.) Carbon is also naturally sequestered in the oceans and in soil.

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