what are the ways to avoid the plastic bottle dangers?



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    The way to avoid plastic bottles to not buy drinking water. Most cities have tap water that is just as healthy as bottled water. When purchasing products that are in plastic containers, just be aware of your choices. Ask yourself if you can purchase a similar product that is maybe sold in glass or in a reusable container. And don’t forget, use reusable water bottles that are labeled “BPA free” they are the safest.

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    I wouldn’t necessarily say that tap water is always the best choice.  According to a study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, everyone in the US has at least some level of contaminants in their tap water and would benefit from a home purifier.  There are many different types of purifying systems available, but they are always a good idea.  From there just be sure to drink out of a glass, BPA-free plastic bottle, or a metallic bottle.  Keep in mind if you are in a third world country the water system may have serious problems and a plastic water bottle may be your only choice while you are there.

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    If clean quality tap water is available, that should be the first choice.  If not, you can buy drinking water in glass bottles (such as Voss) and reuse them.  They can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand and filled again from a filtered source – refrigerator or sink and carried as needed.  If this is not feasible, then a BPA-free plastic bottle or other container can be purchased and reused as well. 

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