what are the waste-by products of wave energy?



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    There is more than one type of wave energy in use, and others are being actively planned, so the answer can’t be close to conclusive.

    Many energy sources are associated with burning fuel, and those kinds tend to have all kinds of residue to deal with. Wave action is closer to solar action, where the major “by-products” … or let’s call them ecological downsides … are the cost of product and maintenance.

    These are not to be scoffed at, and are a factor that is frequently overlooked in ecological discussions. You know, people ask questions such as “Which car is the most economical?” … when it’s most economical not to have one, and avoid travel.

    Costs for wave energy are listed as one of the main drawbacks, so they absolutely must not be dismissed: Those wave energy devices COST a huge amount of money, just to fabricate! 

    In general, when you see a price tag on … anything … much of that cost is mining and manufacturing and distribution. 

    Also mentioned as “waste” in some wave energy products is killing fish, or at least getting in their way.

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