What are Waste-to-Energy projects?



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    Waste to Energy projects are plants that convert waste into energy. Waste to Energy is a process in which municipal or industrial waste is burned to produce energy in the form of heat or electricity.  The waste can be burned, gasified or digested at a high temperature to either produce heat or steam that is used to drive turbines to produce electricity.

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    Waste-to-energy projects are projects which utilize the process of converting waste to energy. This process usually involves incinerating the waste in order to produce energy, whether this waste is burned after its combustible portions are separated from its noncombustible portions or not. The heat from incinerating the waste is used to fire a boiler filled with water, producing steam. This steam is then used to power a turbine generator, producing electricity.

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    Waste-to-energy refers to a number of different technologies used to convert discarded materials into useful energy, such as heat, electricity, or engineered fuels. The most common waste-to-energy projects involve combustion of solid waste (trash) directly or, occasionally, conversion of the waste product into a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) through a number of separation and refinement steps. Most often, waste-to-energy plants operate on similar principles to other solid-fueled power plants such as those that burn coal, wherein the heat released from combustion is used to power a steam boiler that is in turn used to generate electricity through a steam turbine, and sometimes useful heat is captured. Virtually all modern waste-to-energy plants use (and are required to use, by their various regulatory enforcement agencies) state-of-the-art air pollution control equipment such as fabric filters and systems to remove nitrogen oxides, acid gases, and other potentially harmful byproducts of waste combustion.

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