What are volatile organic compounds?



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    They are organic chemical compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility; they are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids. Some of the chemicals in VOCs have harmful short term and long term effects on humans.  Many VOC’s are man-made and they are common ground water contaminants.

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    Volatile organic compounds are naturally occurring chemical compounds that under normal conditions vaporize and are expelled into the atmosphere. They are a common by-product of many industrial processes and are often subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act. There are hundreds of VOCs all of which can be dangerous to human health because they are very reactive molecules. There is no clear definition for Volatile organic compounds however most agree that they must occur naturally and contain some form of carbon within the molecule.

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    VOCs are gasses that are emitted from many solids and liquids, including common household products like paint, plastic products and adhesives. The organic chemicals that let out VOCs do so whenever used and even while they are being stored. Some of the compounds have varying degrees of negative health effects, from minor eye or throat irritation to liver and kidney damage. Check out the link below for more products that contain VOCs and how to reduce the amount of them in your house.

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