What are Vibro Wind Piezoelectric Pads?



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    They’re a new way of harnessing wind power instead of turbines.  Instead of slicing through the air, the Vibro Wind Pads produce energy by vibrating and fluttering in the wind, elminating the need for blades.  This is great news because one of the major problems with wind turbines is that they’re extremely dangerous to flying animals.  The technology has only recently been invented though so it will probably be awhile before it’s available on a large scale. 

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    When wind turbines have there own problems in areas such as noise, space, NIMBY, these pads are small and can be built virtually anywhere. They vibrate like a flag in the wind inside the pads which produces very little energy. However if there are many of them attached together like blocks, they can be attached to the side of buildings where there is constant wind energy available. Movement converts into electricity. They were created by en engineering professor at Cornell University.

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    Virbo-Wind Piezoelectric Pads are a new alternative to wind turbines. The pads also generate energy from the wind, but do not require extremely large structures that produce a large amount of noise, and pose a danger to passing birds, bats, and bees. Vibro-wind structures are basically a series of poles with foam cubes attached. When the wind blows the foam pads vibrate and the piezoelectric cells in the pads convert the vibration from into energy. They’re virtually silent, can be mounted atop virtually any surface including skyscraper roofs, home roofs, or bridges, and pose no threat to wildlife.

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