What are urban trees?



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    Trees planted in urban areas that may or not be there otherwise.

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    Urban trees are simply trees that exist in cities, towns, villages, anywhere that is designated urban environments.  They can occur naturally as trees reseed themselves when left to their own devices, or they can be planted by humans.  The purpose of urban trees are both functional and aesthetic.  Trees play a huge role in the beautification of urban areas to make them feel less stuffy and concrete.  Many trees are also used for their fruit and flowering capabilities.  Insects and animals flourish when there is vegetation, as well as humans can use fruit from urban trees in their diets.

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    Urban trees also thrive in urban environments where other trees might not. It is different world for a tree to live in an urban area rather than a forest. Most urban trees are accustomed to a lower quality of water and air than that of their brothers in the forest. 

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