What are the universal principles of sustainable development?



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    The key principle of sustainable development is striving not to compromise our future needs with our current needs.  We can accomplish this through preserving our natural resources and ecosystems while improving or maintaining our lifestyle.

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    The SLDi Code of Universal Sustainable Development is an umbrella for other programs or regulatory codes for development that embraces the components of the sustainability equation to which they apply.  It completes them as a comprehensive sustainable development model and helps to fully incorporate them as necessary – streamlining the project development process rather than delaying it.

    The three bottom lines are:
    1. Utility – the “satisfaction”, “incentive,” “desire,” or pure state” that is to be attained.
    2.  Effectiveness – doing the “right” things with accuracy and completeness.
    3.  Efficiency – achieving the lowest possible input/output ratio.

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