What are the UN environmental meetings in Japan about?



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    The two-week meeting currently being held in Nagoya, Japan, is focusing on the methods nations and businesses can employ to effective restore ecosystems, such as forests, rivers, coral reefs and oceans, in order to accommodate the ever-growing human population. The UN is focusing on the benefits of natural resources that originate from these ecosystems, such as oxygen, food, water and medicine; they are also looking at long-term  prevention of natural disasters (floods, droughts, etc…) and poverty, which are directly linked to healthy, functioning ecosystems. 

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    The latest UN environmental meeting in Japan is focusing on combating losses in animal and plant species.  According to the UN, the world is seeing the worst extinction rate in 65 million years.  “The two week meeting aims to prompt nations and businesses to take sweeping steps to protect and restore ecosystems.”  Initially, 2010 was the target date for ecosystem improvement, with this failed date hopes are for 2020.    

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    The UN environmental meetings in Japan are covering mostly issues surrounding biodiversity and preservation.  Specifically, they are addressing how to curb threats from pollution, habitat encroachment, and economic exploitation.  One of the biggest talking-points at the meetings is the setting apart of large tracts of ocean and land as sanctuaries for biological and ecosystemic restoration.  This has created controversy in the already pronounced north-south divide often common at these types of meetings.  Northern countries are often for increased regulation, while southern countries view these regulations as unfair limitations put on their economic development, as these regulations weren’t around when other, more developed, economies were coming into being.  There is a great article in the link below that highlights some of the more important issues being discussed at the meeting.

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