What are the types of precipitation?



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    The types of precipitation are rain, hail, freezing rain, sleet, snow. For more on each of these types of precipitation, visit the site below.

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    The main types of precipitation are rain, which is liquid water; snow, which is ice crystals formed into flakes; and ice, which is frozen water. Depending on the combination, size and form in which they reach the Earth’s surface, these three types break down into further types of precipitation including: snow pellets, snow grains, sleet, hail, graupel, drizzle, freezing drizzle, freezing rain, freezing fog and mixed precipitation.

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    1. 1. Rain
    2. 2. Snow
    3. Snow Pellets
    4. Snow Grains
    5. Ice Crystals
    6. Sleet / Ice Pellets
    7. Hail
    8. Graupel
    9. Drizzle
    10. Freezing Drizzle
    11. Freezing Rain
    12. Freezing Fog
    13. Mixed Precipitation


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