what are the two characteristics of a balanced ecosystem? and explain how nature maintain it balanced



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    since a balanced ecosystem is an eclogical community and its environment functionig as a unit.It might be possible for one such environment it balance.It can only balance when the amount of producers overrides by 100 times that of secondaryconsumers in the biomass pyramid

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    One way an ecosystem keeps itself in check is environmental homeostasis. This a process in which the ecosystem will attempt to correct any abnormalities in keeping its sustainability at optimal levels. Another concept to consider in a balanced ecosystem is that consumption of resources versus the replenishment of resources. An imbalance in this process can be the result of overpopulation, overuse of resources, and high rates of waste. Too much consumption and very little replenishment is a recipe for ecological imbalance.  

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    ther are not 2 characteristics of ecosystem there are 4 but u asked only 2 so 2 i think interactions,what make the whole things work. another is human activities ,making the practice of ecosystem management much more difficult than traditional resource management

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