what are the tree best ways to save electricty

without shuting off the house power



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    It really depends on what you currently use most of your electricity for, but overall,

    1.  Cut down on heating/AC:  electric heaters and AC units are the biggest drains on electricity.  By using them sparingly, and only when it’s absolutely necessary, you can significantly reduce your electricity consumption.

    2.  Switch to energy saving alternatives.  Chances are a lot of the electricity you use to power your light bulbs, computer and appliances is unnecessary.  By switching to more efficient options (such as CFLS instead of regular light bulbs, laptop instead of desktop, and energystar appliances, you can cut down on your energy use significantly.

    3.  Turn off and unplug.  Whenever you’re not using something that runs on electricity (such as lights, computers, and other electronics) turn them off, and in the case of electronics, unplug them.  Even when they’re not on, electronic devices still suck up small amounts of power, and over time, these can add up.

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    1.  Hang your clothes out to dry instead of using a clothes drier.  Or hang them around the house to dry.  People in countries outside North America, even countries with winters, don’t have/use clothes driers.  

    2.  Shade your house with plants/trees or some type of awning so that you can avoid using air conditioning in hot weather or check out some other passive cooling techniques.  http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Cooling/passive_cooling.htm

     (Though since I have no idea where you are this might not be applicable to you.)   

    3.  I saw this one time in Chile, but then again it would only work depending on where you live:  the refrigerator was unplugged in a shaded area outside, but conveniently placed so that it faced a door that led to the kitchen.  Inside the kitchen a person opened this door and there was the refrigerator, outside, but easily accessible without leaving the house and using zero electricity.   

    4.  Wash all your clothes in cold water: this reduces the power needs.  Even better, if you can get a hold of one of these:  

    a bicycle powered washing machine.

    If you ever decide to build a house, there are some great simple ways to design it so that it uses less electricity.   Orientate the house to the sun with lots of windows facing the south side (in the Northern hemisphere) and skylights that bring light into the places you probably need it the most: the kitchen and bathroom.   This along with proper insulation or a smart choice of building material (for example clay or cordwood) could significantly reduce electricity needs.  

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