What are the top 5 electric cars?



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    There is some consensus that the Tesla Roadster is the best electric vehicle currently available on the market. Other contenders for spots in the top five are the UEV Spyder, Phoenix SUT, Miles ZX40 and the ZENN, according to a recent ranking by a green motor enthusiast blog.

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    As decided by a website named DVICE.com the top 5 of their top ten list for most world changing electric vehicles include: 1. Tesla Roadster, 2. Chevy Volt, 3. Toyota plug-in hybrid, 4. Apter Typ-1, 5.Baker Motor Vehicle. It also provides interesting reasons as to why these cars and why their rank. Number five is interesting as it looks like it was created around the same time as the Model T – which makes sense because it was first built in 1899.

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