What are timber wolves?



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    “Timber Wolf” is just another name for a Gray Wolf.  This term is usually used to describe those found in the East of Northern America. 

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    A timber wolf is a species of wolf that is most commonly known as the grey wolf. Tmber wolves can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. In the US, they have been spotted in the Rocky Mountain ranges as well as in the Great Lakes states. They are usually found in prairies and forests, because of the diversity of food choices. Their color ranges from nearly white to nearly black, but are usually grayish.

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    The timberwolf otherwise known as the grey wolf is the largest wild member of the Canidae family. Gray wolves are typically the apex predators or top predators in the ecosystems they occupy. When hunting, grey wolves rely on their stamina rather than their speed. They are capable of travellig several miles running at 10 kilometers per hour and have gone as fast as 65 kilometers per hour during a chase. Grey wolves have bulky coats consisting of two layers. The first layer is to repel water and dirt and the second layer is a water-resistant undercoat that insulates. Grey wolves typically live in packs ranging from 2-20 and are territorial as well with the average size of a wolf pack territory close to 80 square miles.

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