What are timber rattlesnakes?



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    Timber rattlesnakes are found in New York and are the largest, venomous snakes in the state. They are usually about 3-4.5 feet long and are members of the pit-viper family. While the largest, venomous snake in New York their habitat actually extends south quite a bit to to all of 5 southern states and parts of a few other states. Due to a bounty system where people used to hunt the snakes, their numbers are now very low in certain areas. 

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    They are an endangered species of Rattlesnakes found in the forests of  the Northeastern United States.  The Timber Rattlesnake is usually yellow, gray, brown, or black and has a triangular shaped head.  They prey on mice, chimpmunks, and other small animals.  They are not very agressive and bites are rare.  

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