What are three reasons why non renewable resources must be conserved?

Once a non renewable resource is used up, it cannot be restored.



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    1. Simply because of it’s name: non-renewable

    2. It is my belief that people highly underestimate our true level of dependence on non-renewable resources. Take oil for example. Not only is it used it the large majority of our transportation modes, but it is in a very large percentage of the things we use on a daily basis: waterbottles, cell phones, and even a lot of our hygience products. Once our non-renewable resources are gone, our lives will cease to exist the way we know them to.

    3. We constantly extract resources like oil for our own benefit. Has anyone ever stopped to think about how the depletion of oil from its natural environment may affect our eco-system. No one has ever looked into how teh Earth uses oil to “survive”

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