What are the three greenest things you do?



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    Work for a renewable energy consulting firm, reuse, reduce and recycle, and ride my bike when possible, and drive a prius when I can’t ride my bike!

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    Eat Vegetarian
    Keep lights off when not needed

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    Recycling is definitely in my top three. I also pick up other people’s littered garbage when I see it in public going untreated. And for number three, I conserve where I can.

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    Recycling, using cloth bags or turning down store bags and just carrying an item, donating old clothing.

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    When I am at school I rely 100% on public transit.  I have stopped eating red meat altogether, and heavily limit my consumption of other animal products.  Thirdly, I make several efforts to limit my energy consumption.  This may mean turning down the heat when I am not in my apartment, or simply turning off the lights when I leave a room.

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    1. Recycle

    2. Take public transportation as much as I can, or walk to places when I can

    3. Eat locally sourced food 

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    Good question and great answers so far! I think some of the greenest actions I take in my day-to-day life is:

    1. Recyling
    2. Using resuable shopping/grocery bags
    3. Buying eco-friendly/organic products
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