What are the three fastest land mammals?



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    Multiple answers in the link – it addresses all animals, but land mammals are listed in several of the replies.

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    I found varying reports, but according to the website below the top three fastest land mammals are the cheetah, the pronghorn antelope, and the wildebeest. Cheetahs are sprinters, able to hold extremely high speeds—up to 75 miles per hour—for short amounts of time (usually used to catch prey). The cheetah can reach top speeds in three seconds, making it faster than many racecars. The pronghorn antelope can reach 61 miles per hour and can keep going at that speed for longer than a cheetah can keep going at its highest speed because it has higher heart and lung capacity in comparison. The third fastest is the wildebeest at 50 miles per hour, which uses its speed to help evade predators on its native African plains.

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