What are three causes of global warming?



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    There are countless theories to what causes global warming, but our best estimates point to CO2 emissions from power plants, CO2 emissions from cars, and methane emissions which have risen 145% largely due to flooded rice fields.

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    Deforestation is another big problem that contributes to global warming. “All living plants store carbon. When those plants die and decay, carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As forests and grasslands are cleared for your use, enormous amounts of stored carbon enter the atmosphere.” But perhaps the root of all problems pertaining to global warming is the way we treat nature in general. Our thoughtless attitude towards nature hinders us from confronting the truth and doing what we need to do to improve things for the environment. “In our technology and scientific minded world, we seem to have forgotten that mankind is only a relatively minor part of Nature. We ignore being part of a larger whole.”

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    Deforestation, bush burning, incomplete combustion of fossil fuel among others are the three major causes of global warming.

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    Greenhouse Gases play a big role. A lot from cars and factories, all providing us with energy – our electricity demand, at least in North America takes a big toll on the enviornment. The more you use, the more needs to be produced.

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