What are those sun rays that you can see every now and then called?



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    The only way you can see sun rays is if there is something in the air to reflect the light to your eyes such as water vapor; it’s the same idea as a rainbow caused by sunlight being refracted off raindrops. If there were absolutely nothing in the air, such as in a vacuum, then you could never see any light (this is a common Hollywood mistake when spaceships shoot visible lasers at each other; in reality there would be no visible beam in space.) So in essence, you could call those sun rays you see every once in a while: atmosphere reflecting sunlight at you.

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    If you are referring to the little circlular spots you can sometimes see when looking into bright sunlight, they don’t actually have an official name.  They can be referred to as afterimages, which is a general term for when what your brain makes your eyes see is actually “stuck” on a different image from a moment ago (these can occur any time there is a dramatic change in light very quicly).  When you see the spots it is because your retinas were exposed to an intense amount of light that it is not usually exposed to.  This confuses your brain for a second and you then see those little circular spots.

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