What are those little fish that attach themselves to sharks and whales?



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    Pilot fish have a mutualist relationship with sharks, eating fish lice, little crabs, and blood sucking worms, which live on the skin of a shark. The sharks protect the pilot fish from predators.

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    Pilot fish are black-and-white spotted fish which swim in small groups ahead of the shark’s snout. At one time, it was thought that pilot fish guided sharks, but it is more likely that they are seeking refuge in the companion of the perfect under water body and waiting to get some of the shark’s leftovers after eating as sharks are messy eaters. There are also Remoras, which are short, thick sucker fish with fin rays, have no swim bladders and thus have to attach themselves to animals such as large sharks and sea turtles by using a sucking disc on the top of their heads. They are not harmful parasites, but are just simply along for the ride.

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