What are things teens can do to help go green?



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    One idea is for teens to make a compost pile at home.  Compost piles can reduce waste and contribute to home gardens.  Linked below is a great guide for making your own compost pile at home:

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    The possibilities are limitless. You could talk to some teachers and attempt to organize a recycling drive at your school, or even ask the administration to consider putting more recycle bins on campus. Maybe you could even make an environmental club! Volunteering with an organization that helps clean up litter from parks, roads, or other parts of your area would certainly help the environment (and will probably do wonders for your college applications). If you have an environmental science course in your high school, then by all means take it! You will learn a lot about the environment as well as ways to help save it.

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    There are many Green volunteer opportunities available for teens. The Nature Conservancy is a great example of such. The Surfrider Foundation is another organization where teens can volunteer for  beach cleanups, create awareness about how destructive plastics are to oceans, assist in oil spill cleanups , or become  water quality monitors. There are many different Green organizations to volunteer at, so you do have a variety of options to choose from. Check out this site for more information.

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    The sky’s the limit. I just interviewed on my podcast a 19 year old who started a social venture called Girls Helping Girls. She started this when she was 15 years old with 2 of her friends. Now it’s the largest global organization for girls, by girls. If you want to get inspired, listen to Sejal Hathi say it for herself on Women Of Green.

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    Talk to your parents before doing this…but I would recommend removing all of your store bought cleaning products (if they have a warning label).  These chemicals are unnecessary to effectively clean.  Take a look at a number of organic cleaning products to replace them with.  This will improve your indoor air quality at home.   

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    As carolynparrs said, “The sky’s the limit.” Especially with it being summer vacation right now, teens could get together and brainstorm some great ideas of going green. A lot of high schools require volunteer hours for graduation, so teens could look up local green organizations and volunteer for a few hours a week. Teens could volunteer for local parks and pick up trash. At local fairs/festivals they could set up a recycle booth where they help people learn about what can be recycled, how to recycle things like batteries and cell phones, etc… 

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