What are teak trees used for?



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    There are a couple of uses for teak trees. The resin in the wood is highly water resistant, which keeps the wood in good condition for a long time. This is why the wood is used a lot for indoor and outdoor furniture. It is highly resistant to weathering, and is used a lot in the deck of ships. 

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    Teak trees are favored for their dark and rich golden wood that is exceptionally strong. Furniture is a common end-product of teak tree wood, as well as chess pieces, apparently.

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    The strong, durable wood of the teak tree is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other products that need to be “weather resistant.” Additionally, the oils in teak wood are naturally termite and pest-resistant.

    The leaves of the teak tree are also used in making pellakai gatti–or jackfruit dumplings–in India and gudeg–another dish–in Indonesia.

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    Teak wood is very weather-resistent, so it is often used for things that need to resist wear and tear, such as boat ramps, outdoor decks, and outdoor furniture. It is also often used for furniture and floors. Because it is so useful (and because older teak tress produce more durable wood) there is a geniune concern about oldgrowth teak forests being overlogged. Younger trees can and are oftne dried in a kiln to get the same level of hardness as oolder trees, but there are some enfvironmental concerns with this process. Please keep that in mind if you plan on buying teak.

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    Teak trees are often crafted into various types of furniture.  It is extremely resistant to weather changes which makes Teak a popular choice for outdoor furniture and decking. Teak is also very strong, sturdy and aesthetically appealing to many people. One company makes oversized chess sets exclusively from Teak because of its beauty and durability.  


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