what are the system involved for making vertical farming more efficient

what process is involved in food growth in vertical farming structure



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    Vertical farming is efficient in that it takes advantage of space (by considering height) that conventional horizontal monoculture farming ignores.  The term vertical farming often refers to the use of towers in urban zones for cultivation.   Food is grown in different floors which serve as greenhouses.  In some designs plants are rotated on conveyor belts to ensure they are all getting proper sun exposure.  Though hydroponic techniques are used (plants may be in some kind of gravel or wool, but roots are in nutrient filled water) water recycling systems in vertical farming make it so cultivation only requires 5% of the water used in traditional agriculture.  The most important aspect of vertical farming is that it allows food for the urban population to be grown locally, canceling out a lot of the fuel that otherwise would be used in transferring products.  The main drawback to vertical farming is the cost and energy used to build these towering greenhouses.  


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