What are “superorganisms?”



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    “Superorganism” is a term to describe how a society of organisms acts as a single organism. For example, termites working together to build a single mound, water-creatures interacting in a choral reef, and, of course, humans in all their ant-collony-esque endevours. To read an article about superorganisms, click here:


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    “Superorganisms” are organisms that live and work together to come to a common goal.  An example could be bees.  Although each hive has a Queen bee, all the worker bees and others that live in the hive must work together to serve the Queen and take care of the larva that she has created that will hatch in baby bees.  All the bees know their place in the hive, whether they are the workers, the care givers, the hunters, etc.  They all have their place, but they also know that they all have to do their job in order for the entire hive to be successful.  If one fails, they all fail.

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