What are sulphites? Are they bad for you?



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    Sulphites are substances that naturally occur in food and the human body. They are also regulated food additives that are used as preservatives to maintain food colour and prolong shelf-life, prevent the growth of micro-organisms, and to maintain the potency of certain medications. Sulphites are usually safe to eat but some people can be highly sensitive and may react to sulphites with allergy-like symptoms. Sulphites can trigger asthma and symptoms of anaphylactic reaction.

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    Sulphites are a food additive that some people are sensitive to and will have an reaction that is similar to that of a food allergy. It is in the top nine food allergens, although the reaction is not considered a true allergy.

    Sulphites are present in wine and preserved food. Common reactions are headaches, itching, throat swelling, sneezing, and hives. Sulphite sensitivity is a higher risk for people who have asthma.

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