What are the strategies to reduce the effects of acid rain?



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    The EPA has suggested that in order to reduce the effects of acid rain, we must prevent it from happening in the first place. Sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide are the main contributors to acid rain. Either using coal that contains less sulfur or switching to natural gas or other cleaner energy options would reduce the amount of these emissions. Nuclear power, hydropower, and wind energy are clean energy options that emit far less fossil fuels.

    Acid rain changes the chemistry of soils and streams, which damages ecosystems and takes years to recover from. Adding limestone to bodies of water helps to ‘cancel out’ the effects of acid rain. This process, which is known as liming, is a short-term solution, but is effective because it allows fish to remain in their habitat, enabling native species to survive.

    The EPA has also outlined several ways individuals can reduce their contribution to acid rain, including turning off lights and other appliances and buying energy efficient ones. Other options including carpooling or finding alternate methods of transportation and buying vehicles with low nitrous oxide emissions.

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