What are the steps in bioremediation?



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    Bioremediation is the natural solution for toxic spills. First, you should determine what kind of a spill you have and where it is. It could be oil or gasoline, or it could even be contaminated waste in the grout of your floor. Introduce the microorganisms that are essential to the bioremediation process. These will feed off the contamination you have. 

    The microorganisms feed off the oxygen and food that the bacteria provide, which in turn allows the microorganisms to reproduce very quickly. After digesting the waste, the microogranisms then release carbon dioxide, water and other safe products back out into the air, soil or water, depending on where the contamination has taken place. 

    The only negative to bioremediation is that it is not a 100% solution 100% of the time. The microorganisms are unable to break down certain things like lead, cadmium and sodium chloride so in certain contamination situations this would not be a solution.

    In some situations, such as spills in soil, the microorganisms are already present making it much easier for the contamination to be dealt with. Other times bioremediation products will have to be bought in order to clean up the toxic waste.

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