What are steps Australia has taken to preserve water?



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    Australia is considered at high risk of water deficiency. Currently, numerous programs have been implemented in the hopes of preserving water: City Efficiency Program, Australian Conservation Water and Reuse Program, Australian Conservation Water and Reuse Research Program (looking to reuse sewage water for irrigation without introducing contaminants). Additionally, water conservation programs are being implemented in schools to educate the new generation about the importance of protecting water sources (Schools Water Efficiency Program, BlueScope a Day Challenge, Make Your Water Mark, etc.)

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    In 2007, Perth, a city of Australia facing heavy water shortages, began to use desalination plants to import water from the Indian Ocean and desalinate it to make it drinkable and usable as tap water. The power for these plants is generated by wind power, making the system relatively sustainable. It only takes 30 minutes for the water to be drinkable, starting from when it is taken out of the ocean.

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