What are spark plugs made from?



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    “Spark plugs have an insulated center electrode which is connected by a heavily insulated wire to an ignition coil or magneto circuit on the outside, forming, with a grounded terminal on the base of the plug, a spark gap inside the cylinder.” Eleven elements are used to make spark plugs: Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Yitrium, Palladium, silver, Tungsten, Iridium, Platinum, Gold, and Polonium.

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    The different parts of a spark plug include the terminal, insulator, ribs, insulator tip, seals, metal case, and the center and side/ground electrodes. The main part of the insulator is made from porcelain. The insulator tip contains aluminium oxide ceramic, designed to withstand 650°C and 60,000 V. The seal is typically made by the use of a multi-layer braze (metal joining process). The electrodes contain a combination of copper, nickel-iron, chromium, or precious metals.

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