What are some year round uses for my Christmas decorations?



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    As far as Christmas lights go, I think they create a very relaxing atmosphere when strung along the corners of the walls and ceiling of a room.  I personally use multi-colored Christmas lights to light my own room.  And I’m pretty sure we still haven’t taken down the stockings from the fireplace yet! Ha.

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    Yes, I used a string of white Christmas lights as the main source of light for a long time (until finally half of them were burnt out).  It’s great because it’s not too bright and can have a romantic feel in the evening.  If you attach the string to a plug that is associated with the nearby light switch, it’s convenient to flip on and off. 

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    I agree with these. I would also suggest going into Christmas knowing ways in which to recycle and save energy. Many places offere recycled wrapping paper and eco-friendly lights.  I would also recommend keeping what you have in good condition so that they can be sustainable and continously re-used.

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