What are some of the worst things about coal power?



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    I could write an answer the length of a novel to answer your question, but I will try to convince you of why coal is a dirty source of energy that we must wean ourselves of in a condensed summary. For starters, coal makes people sick. Exposure to pollution from coal fired power plants and coal mining areas leads to mercury poisoning, is the number one cause of asthma in children, poisons drinking water, leads to cancer, tumors, and neurological diseases. In short, coal will do just about everything to your body other than kiss you. Another bad thing about coal is that its extraction irreparably damages the environment. For example, a common method of coal extraction is mountaintop removal, which is exactly what it sounds like: coal companies use machines to blow up mountains. A mountain can’t just grow back in a year or two-after mountaintop removal, the area is destroyed permanently. Also, coal companies have been consistently laying off workers and replacing them with machines. 

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