What are some accessories which incorporate solar panels?



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    Some backpacks incorporate solar panels for internal charging of portable electronics, but many still do not have this option. Citizen ecodrive watches are charged by a solar panel in the watch face. These are just a few examples, the most popular solar panel for charging electronics is one of the foldable portable solar chargers found at bestbuy or amazon.com

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    Elena Corchera has been working with MIT researchers to create wearable solar accessories.  She mixes the solar panels with lights and fabric for a technological take on traditional jewelry.

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    Also let’s not forget handy dandy solar charger for cell phones and the like.

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    Solar backpacks, Sun Frost refrigerators, Solaris Solar powered watch and many other items.

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    Solar laptop chargers also exist with a price range of anywhere from $115 to $650. If you consider garden products to be accessories, there are also solar water fountains, solar bug zappers, and solar deck lights.

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    Some watches incorporate small solar panels. They tend to be somewhat expensive, but they are still attractive. Casio makes a lot of solar watches. For instance, one watch is the Casio Men’s WS200H-1BVCF Tough Solar Powered Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch. Its only 28!

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