What are some well known organic farms in the US?



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    Depending on what a person looking for there are many organic farms located across America. As a ‘green’ mentality picks up steam, the appearances of these farms will become more numerous.  Naturalhomemagazine.com has a great site that mentions the top 10 urban farms in the country.  Outside of the cities localharvest.org has a list of popular local harvest farms/blogs.

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    Probably the best-known organic farm in the United States is Earthbound Farm in California’s Carmel valley. It began as a 2.5-acre raspberry farm and quickly grew to produce other fruits and vegetables. They were the first farm to launch prewashed packaged salad greens for sale in grocery stores. In the 27 years they have been in operation, the farm has grown to become the largest grower of organic produce in the world.

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    There are many large organic farms in the US, as mentioned above, but there is one farm in particular that calls itself “beyond organic”, much less commercial, and probably the most popular farm of its kind. Polyface Farm is located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and nearly all farm processes are designed to happen ecologically, instead of artificially. Patrons are also invited to slaughter their own livestock and all products are sold directly to customers, not shipped. More information can be found at their website listed below.

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